Wrentham Home Trash Pickup

Dover Trucking inc. offers a unique waste removal program that is currently offered to the town of Wrentham, Massachusetts. With our unique program we strive to offer all of our customers the best service in the industry.

Dover Trucking offers 2 different trash removal programs for Wrentham, MA:

  • The first program involves no hassle weekly removal of your waste from right outside your garage door. We will back up your driveway and collect your waste from the supplied 95 gallon barrel which you have placed in front of your garage door.
  • The second program is a weekly or bi-weekly curbside waste removal option. We once again supply you with a 95 gallon barrel which you will bring down to the end of your driveway on your assigned day.

Both programs include free optional recycling.

Every time you are picked up you will be allowed to fill the 95 gallon waste barrel and one 35 gallon barrel. If your waste exceeds the limit you will be charged accordingly for each additional bag.

Items not included in Residential Waste Removal:

  • No Appliances
  • No Wet Paint Cans (must be dried out with cat litter)
  • No Metal
  • No Yard Waste
  • No Tires
  • No Concrete
  • No Medical Waste (If you need to dispose of medical waste please follow link http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/docs/dph/aids/needles-syringes-disposal.pdf)
  • No Hazardous Waste
  • No Batteries
  • No Construction Material
  • No CRT’s (TV’s and Monitors)
  • No Propane Tanks
  • No Mattresses
  • No CFC’s (Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, etc.)