Think twice before settling for the cheapest price!

Remember sometimes you get what you pay for!

Not all recycling and waste companies are created equal.

Here are a few things to ponder as you make your selection of which company to handle all your recycling and waste removal needs.

  1.  Do they provide wheeled containers and if so what size do they provide?
    1. Dover Trucking provides every customer with 2 wheeled 95 gallon carts, one for single stream recycling and the other for waste.  We also allow customers to place out one additional 32 gallon barrel all for the same price.
  2. Are both products collected at the same and how do I know if a company is truly recycling?
    1. We collect both products in a single truck at the exact same time.  This system allows us to keep our costs down and exhaust emissions from our vehicle to a minimum.  Companies that have different vehicles for both products have increased costs and emit double the harmful exhaust into the atmosphere, while using double the amount of fuel.
    2. If a company is honestly recycling they can tell you the facility that their recycling is brought too.  All of Dover Trucking’s single stream recycling is brought to E.L. Harvey’s in Westborough, MA, the largest recycling center in the state.  Also, if still unsure, ask to see a dump slip, whenever a vehicle enters a recycling or waste facility they must weigh in and weight out. That is how the facility knows how much to charge and how the company knows how much they disposed of.
  3. Is the cheapest price really the best option?
    1. Dover Trucking may not be the cheapest recycling and waste company, but we have not changed our curbside collection prices since 2006.  With the continued support of our current customers and your tireless efforts spreading the word of our company through our referral program, we see no need to raise our prices any time soon.
    2. If offered a special introductory rate, make sure you understand the fine print.  How long will the special introductory price last for?  What will my price be after the intro period is over?
    3. A recycling and waste company is more then just collection.  Do other companies offer full service options such as bulk item pickups and roll off for clean outs or remodels? Do other companies have a friendly voice to answer the phone and prompt return of all calls and emails? Do other companies offer multiple easy and convenient options for payment and customer monitoring of their account?

If you are approached by another company or are simply trying to decide if your current recycling and waste provider is the right one for your family, please take a minute and think about these simple questions.

As always we are only a phone call or email away.


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