Snow and Ice

Dear Valued Customer:


In our continuing effort to bring superior service to all our customers we would like to better define our snow and ice policy on missed pickups.

We have been servicing customers for 17 years with our unique garage door collection. Our drivers are the backbone of our business and I require them to operate our vehicles wisely to protect our customer’s family, pets and property. Down time due to getting stuck in a driveway or sustaining damage due to an accident can greatly affect our ability to service our other customers. Waste compactor vehicles are not the type you can just go out and rent when our vehicles are out of service.

So I trust our driver to make the correct decision on what driveways are safe to pass over. But this does not mean that we forget about any of our valued customers. If a customer is missed due to ice or snow on their regularly scheduled pick-up day and does not want to wait until their next scheduled pick-up day, they may call to request either option before 7:00am of the following day.

          Option 1 – At no extra charge the customer can place their waste at the street end of their driveway and we will be around to collect it.

          Option 2 – For an additional charge of $15.00 and if the customer does not want to bring their waste to the street end of their driveway; it is the customers’ responsibility to make their driveway safe and passable for our vehicles.  Once the situation is rectified please call and we will send out a vehicle to collect their waste. As always the driver still has final determination on safe driveways, what may be safe for a personal vehicle is not always safe for our large vehicles.

 As always please do not hesitate to call or email if there are any questions at all about the services that Dover Trucking Inc. offers.


Stephen E. Bassett
– President

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