We offer 8 yard and 15 yard Roll-Off containers to areas of Southern Massachusetts. For delivery of a Roll-Off Container you can call our Office at (888) 91 TRASH. Once your order has been received we will place the Roll-Off in your yard within 24 hours.

Size        Height     Width      Length       Price         Tons

 8 Yard       32″        6′ 10″     11′ 11″      $325.00      1 Tons

15 yard       60″        7′ 6″        11′ 7″      $425.00      2 Tons

If you are not a customer of our residential waste removal service you will be asked for payment upon delivery of Roll-Off Container. For the first two weeks no rental charge will be added but upon the start of the 15th day a rental fee will be applied

The following items are exempt from our containers:

  • No Hazardous Waste
  • No Appliances
  • No Concrete
  • No Batteries
  • No Paints
  • No Medical Waste
  • No Tires
  • No Yard Waste
  • No CRT’s (TV’s and monitors)
  • No Propane Tanks
  • No Mattresses
  • No CFC’s (Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, etc.)
  • No Hot Water Heaters

*If the container is dropped by Friday at 4pm and removed by Monday at 9am we will take an extra 10% off our container price.

*To see a comparison between DTI 8 Yard Roll Off and The Bag-Like Dumpster’s Click Here

Any debris that protrudes over the Roll-Off Container walls, will be removed at owner’s expense and left at site.

For removal of the Roll-Off from the premises, a notification of 24 hours is required.

After disposal of waste if tonnage excedes the allowed amount, the customer will receive a bill and payment is due in 15 days.

For more information or prices of our Roll-Off Containers please call our office at (888) 91-TRASH.