Information About Roll-Off Containers

Information about 8 yard and 15 yard Roll-Off Containers


8 yard 15 yard
Height 32″ 60″
Width 6′ 10″ 7′ 6″
Length 11′ 11″ 11′ 7″
Tons Included in Price 1 2
Price  $   295.00  $   395.00
Additional Price for weight over allowed tonnage $   90.00 $   90.00
Relocation of container from one site to another $  100.00 $  100.00
Relocation of container at same site $   50.00 $   50.00


The first two weeks of rental are free of charge.

The next four weeks are $3.00 a day rental fee.

After six weeks onsite a $5.00 a day rental fee will be applied until container is returned.


For a delivery or removal of a roll-off container; please contact our office at 1-888-91 TRASH and allow 24 hours.


No Roll-Off container will be removed from site unless we are contacted by customer.


Ask about our Weekend Special – 10% off Container Price (Deliver Th or Fri and pick-up Monday)


The Roll-Off container can not be filled above the walls due to safety reasons while traveling over the road.  Therefore, if debris protrudes over the walls it will be removed at owner’s expense and left on the site.


Any exempt items found and removed from the container will result in an additional charge to you the customer.  The following items are exempt from the container:

No hazardous waste     No paints or oils       No CRT’s (TV’s, computer monitors, etc)

No appliances              No medical waste     No propane tanks

No concrete                 No tires                     No mattresses

No batteries                 No yard debris          No CFC’s (refrigerators, air conditioners)

No hot water heaters


As of July 1, 2005 any fuel charges charged to us by our disposal vendor will be added to your bill. Fuel charges are set by our vendor by indexes and weight of container when dumped which are out of our control. In order to keep our rates as they are this is the only fair way to bill you. If you would like to receive a copy of the fuel charge, please send a SASE to us and we will return a copy to you.


Stephen Bassett

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