Fuel surcharge

Dear Valued Customers;

When we at Dover Trucking originally set up our pricing structure, we looked at all costs we would incur providing you our customers with the highest level of service. We created a range of prices that would allow our business to operate at its highest level.

Unfortunately due to the unforeseen events of the most recent Iraq War and the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Shore of this country; the price of fuel has skyrocketed beyond the predictions we based our prices on.  In only the past year, the price of a gallon of diesel fuel has increased by 33% or equaling $0.97; driving the national average up to $2.92 for the reporting date of September 12, 2005 in the New England area.

As a result of the unpredicted increase in the price of fuel and the implementation of fuel surcharges we have incurred by vendors that we work with, it has left us with no choice but to introduce our own fuel surcharge.

Beginning with your September statement you will see the addition of a variable monthly fuel surcharge. Our fuel surcharge is based on a formula taking into consideration the previous month’s national average of a gallon of diesel fuel per month. When the average monthly price is posted, the fuel surcharge will be adjusted accordingly at the end of each month.

Customer’s prepaying or who have prepaid already will not be sent a statement each month because of the fuel surcharge and may wait to pay once you receive an amount due on your statement.

Any customers who are still under their promotional introduction period from our mailer will not receive a fuel surcharge until their 3 prepaid months have expired.

We are using the prices found on the website from the Energy Information Administration, a division of the U.S. government.  If you would like to follow the price of fuel, two different links can be found on our website.  The first link will bring you to a chart detailing the average monthly price from January 2004 until the present month.  The second link will give you a weekly average of the price.  We will base our fuel surcharge on the monthly average price of On-Highway Diesel Fuel in the New England region.

We thank you for your understanding during this trying time for the entire country. Please feel free to call or email us with concerns or questions.


Stephen Bassett

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