Fuel Surcharge Information

Fuel Surcharge Information
Effective with your September 2005 statement, your fee for waste removal and recycling will also include a fuel surcharge. This course of action is in result to the recent events that have taken place around this country and the world.  With the effects of the Iraq War diminishing the amount of crude oil being exported from the Middle East and Hurricane Katrina and Rita damaging the oil refineries located in the Gulf Coast region, the price of fuel has become extremely high and volatile nationwide.  With fuel being one of our significant expenses we incur providing you our customers with the highest level of service we feel you deserve.  The implementation of a fuel surcharge will allow us to fulfill our commitment of service to you.
Below we will attempt to answer questions you may have.
How will you calculate the fuel surcharge?
Our fuel surcharge is based on information we have received from the Energy Information Administration a division of U.S. Government.  They provide weekly and monthly averages of fuel prices across the nation.  We are basing our surcharge on the On-Highway Diesel Fuel price in the New England region.
These figures can be found by following the links below:
At the end of each month we take the average monthly price for a gallon of diesel fuel in the New England region from the previous month (i.e. for the September statement we are using the August average price and so on) and enter it into a formula that takes into account the average price of fuel, the amount of fuel we use each month and how many customers we have.
Is this a fixed surcharge, or will it be adjusted?
As we described in the above question, we figure out our fuel surcharge based on the monthly price of a gallon of diesel fuel. As you can also see from the monthly average chart found in the above link, the average price is constantly changing therefore our surcharge will be adjusted every month.  It will be visible on a separate  line of your statement so you can see exactly what the amount is each month; it is also possible that the fuel surcharge could be $0.00 for a certain month but it will still appear on the statement.
Are any other companies implementing a fuel surcharge?
As I am sure many of the other companies that use vehicles in order to provide to you a service have implementeda fuel surcharge.    This is no different then the companies we deal with in order for us to service you our customers.  This is due to the rapid rise and the uncertainty surrounding fuel prices.

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