We offer 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 yard Rear-Load Dumpsters to the following areas of Southern Massachusetts.


Dover Trucking’s Rear-Load Dumpster Service
The latest step in Dover Trucking’s evolution to become a full service recycling and waste company.  We are very proud to introduce our 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 yard rear-load dumpsters.  Our goal is to bring small company service to the world of dumpsters.  Our dumpsters can either be place at your business or residence.  The last thing you want to do is worry if your dumpster will be emptied on time or if they will leave another mess around the dumpster.   Dover Trucking is your worry free solution.  Give us a call today and find out how we can solve your waste problem.
Why should you choose Dover Trucking, Inc. for your dumpster needs?
The biggest problem with most waste companies is service!  Will my waste be removed when they said it would?  If you have a question do you know who to call?  When you finally do call will a person answer or ever call you back?  You will never hear these questions or any other such questions being asked by a Dover Trucking, Inc. customer.  We are a family business, locally owned and operated since 1991, we live in and around the towns we service and therefore take great pride in the job we do.   We have a constantly updating website with all the latest information available and schedule changes so you will always know when your waste will be removed.  Our office is staffed by real people that will answer your phone calls or return your call within 24 hours.
Rear-Load Dumpsters
When we decided to enter this market we did a lot of research and found that rear-load dumpsters are a much better option for the consumer than front-load dumpsters.  Our rear-load dumpsters are shorter in height which allows for easier loading by you the customer, and because it is shorter and easier to load it can actually hold more than a front-load dumpster.  With a rear-load dumpster our driver has to get out of the vehicle to empty the dumpster, this will lead to no mess around the dumpster because anything that may fall out will be picked up by the driver instead of being left on the ground.

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