Specialized Service

Dover Trucking inc. offers a specialized service available only to residents of Dover, Massachusetts. With our unique service we strive to offer our customers the best in Waste Removal.

Dover Trucking offers two different Waste Removal programs.

Every customer will receive one 95 gallon wheeled waste cart supplied by Dover Trucking, Inc. for each customer to use. On your scheduled pick up date you are allowed one 95 gallon wheeled waste with lid closed.

The 95 gallon wheeled waste cart we have selected for use by our customers is of the highest quality. It is designed with the user in mind, it is easy to open and easy to maneuver even when full. The advanced lid design offers a tight seal that keeps pests and weather out of your waste. The durable 12 inch plastic snaps on the wheels provide great stability even when transporting over uneven surfaces. The cart has the ability to withstand over 50 mph winds even when empty, making the barrel extremely durable with a life expectancy of 20 years. This means the cart can easily be stored outside with no threat of damage.

At Dover Trucking we recommend Rubbermaid 32 gallon barrels, because they are a safe size for our employees and our customers to move around if full. If the barrel is larger it can become to heavy for employees to lift and could cause injury.

If you have waste exceeding the allowed amount, you can place beside your cart plastic bags or trash barrels no larger than 32 gallons, that will be removed and you will be charged accordingly.

Our service is set up so that you do not have to drag your barrels out to the curb, we will back down your driveway and all you have to do is place your waste outside your garage door.

Once you begin service with our company you will be placed on a route and that will designate your day of waste pick up. The routes are designed by the area of Dover that you live in so if you miss your designated day we will return only with a phone call from you and you will be charged an additional fee.